Dental Sedation Making Treatment Possible

Dental Sedation Making Treatment Possible

Posted by Covington Dentistry on Apr 10 2018, 07:18 AM

If you are someone with dental anxiety, you are at the right place. Studies have proven that three out of 4 people feel the same. About 15% of the population is so scared of dental care that they avoid dental visits at all matters. Some people are even ready to endure pain and suffering instead of going to a dental office. We understand all this and want to make your dental care and visit a comfortable one.

We use numerous anxiety-reducing strategies to make patients feel at ease and also make use of sedative medications. 

You don't have to be embarrassed about having sedative medications or discussing them with your dentist to complete your dental treatment. We will help you through every step. 

What are the different levels of sedation that we offer?

There are different types of sedation medications used for various levels of sedation as required. We offer "laughing gas" or "nitrous oxide" that will help you feel relaxed throughout the process. Sometimes, instead of using the breathable sedative, we might give you a single pill to be consumed before your appointment. This will calm you down before the visit. So, it would be better to accompany someone along with you, as it might take some time to wear off its effect. Our dentist will understand the level of sedation you require and plan your treatment as well as sedation medication accordingly.

At our practice, we also have other sedation options, but we will use them by keeping your general health in consideration. Along with the treatment plan, we will customize the type of sedation you require. For example, if you are just going to get a dental cleaning, then we will use a little laughing gas as that's all you need. But if you are going to undergo a complicated surgical, dental treatment, then we will make you sleep throughout that is best for you.

Your dental anxiety or fear cannot be a hindrance to your journey of attaining a healthy mouth. When you visit, our dentist will talk to you about the treatment you need according to the dental issue and choose the right sedative medication to help you relax on the dental chair.

Dr. Peter Yeh, DDS at Covington Signature Dentistry, can help improve the oral health of our patients while transforming their smiles. Call us at (253) 638-9955 or schedule an appointment online.

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