Five Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Five Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Posted by COVINGTON DENTISTRY on Nov 17 2015, 08:06 AM

Along with accurate facts on teeth whitening, there are some myths. While your dentist is the best source for correct information, the following are a few fallacies worth debunking.

Myth 1: Bleaching Toothpaste and Rinses Are Sufficient

Every product on a crowded grocery aisle is looking for a reason to stand out. Consequently, a plethora of whitening toothpaste and rinses appeal to consumers. While these items have no flaws, they are just too ineffective to have any impact. 

Stain breakdown does not commence until about 20 minutes after the substance comes into contact with the teeth. If you depend on these items to get a brighter smile, you may have to wait long to see results.

Myth 2: Gels Purchased Online are Identical to Those Used By Professionals.

While all gels include carbamide or hydrogen peroxide as a basis, their formulas and handling are not necessarily the same. Gels are very temperature sensitive and degrade quickly if not kept or transported correctly; therefore, their expiry dates are shorter than many other items. 

Dentists only utilize goods from reputed manufacturers that adhere to stringent quality control methods. Additionally, for reliable outcomes, we should customize the kind and strength of the gel used for each patient.

Myth 3: Discolored Crowns and Fillings Whiten in the Same Way That Teeth Do

A porcelain crown placed in the middle of your mouth will not change color at all, often leaving a discolored tooth unaffected. However, teeth whitening may be an effective first step toward brightening your whole smile, followed by replacing dark crowns and fillings with newer materials. 

Myth 4: Once Teeth Are Whitened, They are Forever Whitened

Stain builds upon the surfaces of teeth that are exposed to a variety of meals and beverages. Coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, and cigarettes are the most effective yellowing agents for depositing color onto enamel. While professional whitening solutions penetrate the barrier, new deposits quickly develop. 

However, the increased color typically lasts 1-2 years and may be maintained permanently with a simple maintenance plan. Our experts can build a tailored approach to keep your smile bright.

Myth 5: Whitening Gels Cause Tooth Damage

Inadequately fitted whitening trays offered in a one-size-fits-all configuration may cause severe tissue irritation. However, customized trays offer an optimal fit and minimal exposure to the whitening agents. 

At Covington Signature Dentistry we use the highest-quality systems and tailor a procedure to your specific circumstance. This method results in an incredibly safe whitening procedure with remarkable results. Dr. Yeh and his team of dental assistants are here to help you. Call us at  (253) 638-9955  or visit our website for more information. You can also visit us at 27121 174th Place SE, Suite 202, Covington, WA 98042.

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