Tooth Replacement: An Act of Prevention

Tooth Replacement: An Act of Prevention

Posted by Covington Dentistry on Sep 17 2019, 08:00 AM

We all make an appointment with the dentist when we get cavities. But what about when we lose a tooth during adulthood? Most of us would ignore it and associate them with aging. 

What if we told you that one lost tooth could lead to the loss of many?

How Do People Lose Teeth?

Physical injuries or trauma, poor oral health, diseases like diabetes, arthritis, gum disease, etc. could cause tooth loss. Other dental diseases could also lead to tooth loss.

Though many people consider tooth loss a sign of aging, studies have shown that it's because our gums become more susceptible to gum disease, which eventually results in us losing our teeth.

Why Is Losing Teeth a Serious Issue?

Did you know that the average American, by the age of 50, could lose up to 12 teeth, including their wisdom teeth?

Here are some side effects of losing teeth:

  • Losing just one tooth could cause a shift in the position of the rest of your teeth.
  • Losing a back tooth can even change the shape of your mouth and make you look older.
  • It can be very uncomfortable.
  • The lesser the number of teeth, the harder it is to properly chew your food.

How to Replace Missing/Lost Teeth

The most commonly used methods to replace missing teeth are:

  • Dental implants
  • Removable Partial Dentures
  • Fixed Bridges

Why Should You Replace Lost Teeth?

Replacing lost teeth is not just to ensure you have the perfect smile. It is an act of prevention from developing further dental hazards. Here are a few ways how tooth replacement becomes a preventive act:

  • Replacing missing teeth with implants stops the shifting of the mouth and keeps the rest of the teeth in position.
  • Using dental implants prevents further tooth loss.
  • Replacing lost teeth with dental implants not only maintains an attractive smile but also keeps the bones in your jaw healthy.

So, the next time you brush, remember not to brush it off if you have lost your teeth. Follow good oral hygiene and do not hesitate to replace your missing teeth. Keep in mind, tooth replacement is one of the best acts of prevention. 

If you require treatments for teeth replacements or would like expert consultation, we are here for you. Book an appointment with Dr. Peter Yeh at Covington Signature Dentistry located at 27121 174th Place SE, Suite 202, Covington, WA 98042, by calling us on (253) 638-9955.

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